About Us

At Fueled By Hops, we believe that craft beer is more than just a product you consume.  We believe that craft beer is a lifestyle.  This lifestyle dictates who you hang out with, how you spend your weekends, the food you consume, where your extra dollars are spent, etc.  In short, craft beer is life.

This brand was built by beer nerds, for beer nerds.  Our army of craft beer enthusiasts, collectively called #FueledFam, is the heart and soul of our brand.  When the #FueledFam isn’t busy working a likely boring career, they chase the finest craft beer on the planet.  To the Fam, the brewers and breweries that make this liquid are rockstars.

FBH serves the #FueledFam by connecting them with the liquid and producers they swoon over.  Our social media groups connect the Fam members together daily, our events and festivals allow the beer drinker to discover new and popular brands, and our distribution network brings that liquid directly to their beer fridge. 

When we co-sign a brewery or brand, we believe that brand is producing high-quality liquid and our followers need to know about it immediately.  Nobody wants to waste their time and money on bad beer, so you can rest assured that a “Fueled” brewery is worth checking out.  And we continue to back the producer, so they continue to produce top-notch beer for us.

Whether you’re spending your Saturday hopping from brewery to brewery or searching for a new beer glass or discovering new beers at a festival or just simply having a beer at home once the kids go to bed, Fueled By Hops is right alongside you.  In our world, A BEER ALWAYS SOUNDS GOOD.

Join the #FueledFam today.